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Gold rings

The distinctive elegance of platinum, the timeless purity of diamonds, the traditional preciousness of gold. And of course, a rich rainbow of precious coloured stones or the round perfection of pearls. The world of gold rings with precious stones is a kaleidoscope of materials, details and colours; a simple round object can become an original accessory, a priceless decoration for the hands of those who love beautiful things that have a deep meaning. 

Gold rings set with precious stones are jewellery pieces that already represent perfection in their shape, with the circle alluding to the fullness of a style created for eternity. When enhanced with precious stones, they complete and express the personality and elegant style of every woman. For a constant, subjective and inimitable appearance. 

Giulio Veronesi’s exclusive jewellery collection includes a wide variety of gold rings set with precious stones - each one unique in its own way, and each one the expression of personality and elegance that cannot be rivalled. All of these pieces are unique, original creations that renew or confirm the height of jewellery making skills, offering everyone the possibility to express their most precious nature.

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The decorating of wrists with jewelry is not new. As long ago as 5,000 BC, the scarab beetle bracelet was one of the most popular items of Egyptian jewelry. The scarab was a symbol of re-birth and regeneration; a positive symbol to be captured in an item of jewelry. The positivity of wearing bracelets continues to this day. The wearing of Italian gold bracelets is a sign of character and confidence; a means of expressing personality. Italian gold bracelets also convey aesthetic elegance and a sense of pleasure, for the wearer and for those who admire the bracelet.

The collection of Italian gold bracelets from Giulio Veronesi is one of variety. There are individual pieces to capture the many characters and styles of women across the world. The range of bracelets in the collection represents designs from classic and elegant to modern and vibrant. The bracelets are designed to be original and to make the wearer stand out as someone with class and confidence.

Whether the passion is for diamonds, gold, silver or elegant colored stones, there is a representative bracelet in the Giulio Veronesi collection. Anyone can find a bracelet that ignites their imagination. Every bracelet in the collection is created to be refined and to emanate class, from tennis bracelets to cuffs, in multi-link and mesh versions. Anyone browsing the range of Italian gold bracelets will find a piece that perfectly captures their sense of style and that has a beauty all of its own.

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Would you like to know more about the selection of bracelets in gold and precious stones by Giulio Veronesi? 

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People  have been decorating their ears with earrings for a very long time. You have to go back to Bronze age Greece to find early examples of this. This was a time when wearing earrings adorned with conical pendants was highly fashionable. Gold earrings were worn as jewelry as far back as  1550 – 1070 BC when the Ancient Egyptians used gold to decorate their ears. Some of these early examples of gold earrings can now be seen in museums. The tradition of wearing gold earrings continues to the present day. Buying Italian gold earrings as a gift for someone can say many things, from “Happy Birthday” to “I love you”. Italian gold earrings are also the perfect piece of jewelry to buy for yourself, just because you want to give yourself a treat.

There is a selection of exquisite Italian gold earrings in the collection from Giulio Veronesi. Every pair of earrings that is included embodies a sense of style and sophistication. You can choose to buy gold and diamond stud earrings which can be worn day to day around the office, or to pair with  a little black dress and a gold and diamond bracelet, for a special occasion. Simple gold hoop earrings are a classic that brings out an air of confidence in the wearer. Italian gold earrings can be worn to accompany any outfit and are the perfect accompaniment to a stunning wedding dress, for a special touch on the big day.

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Necklaces and chokers

Every woman loves a beautiful necklace: enhancing the look of any neck is a mark of character and elegance, without seeking excess but instead stressing the best style for every personality, with class. From the most basic chain with diamond, to the most elaborate and important models through to classic chokers: there is always a perfect model for every age and every occasion. 

In the exclusive jewellery collection by Giulio Veronesi, you will find accessories that enhance your style in a most natural, elegant manner. From the most complex designs, with a contemporary feel, through to the ideas that reflect the most important designs in traditional jewellery. You won’t be disappointed with the vast variety of choice. Every occasion in life needs the perfect piece of jewellery.

The necklaces and chokers here are the ideal way to add a touch of dazzling originality to your look. You can choose the timeless fascination of diamonds, or the multi-coloured brilliance of precious stones, or even an artful mix of precious metals. The important thing is to choose a style that makes you feel good. 

For you, a selection of necklaces with precious stones and diamond chokers.

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