YESTERDAY...When the goldsmith fashioned dreams


Bologna. It was 1896 when Giulio Veronesi opened his first workshop, in via Orefici. In 1920 he moved to Palazzo Ronzani and began to involve his older sons, Raffaello and Galileo, in the business, soon leaving them to manage the firm.

During the 1940s, the Veronesi jewellery business made a name for itself with its expertise and creativity. Then war and evacuation put a stop to the family business for 2 years. However, the years of rebuilding led to an important achievement.

In 1964, the Gemini ring won the Diamonds International Award in New York, becoming the world’s best piece of jewellery for that year and symbolising the story of a family.

TODAY...Now that art means profession

The 1970s were a successful decade for Veronesi, with jewellery that continued to attract an increasingly refined audience. A second shop was opened in Bologna, followed by the Galleria in Cortina, confirming the success of the choices made by Gianfranco and Gerardo, Raffaello’s sons. International relations began to expand.

Auctions are essential dates for Gioielleria Veronesi which today possesses a private collection celebrating such figures as the Duchess of Windsor, Greta Garbo, and Andy Warhol.

The company continues to produce jewellery to exclusive designs; ideas develop into unique collections and the public understands that Veronesi is a brand that spells quality and creativity.

TOMORROW...Will be even more thrilling


For over 100 years, Giulio Veronesi has been interpreting the true meaning of precious stones, perfection and good taste. This is a success that has been built up by steadfastly improving production techniques over time, working expertly in international marketsand always with the utmost clarity when it comes to sales and human relationships, cultivating above all the irreplaceable value of jewellery-making expertise, handed down through the generations and still so much a part of the Veronesi family today.

Elegant skills acquired over time can still be seen in the collections of Giulio Veronesi, merging with modern desires and needs because …
“Dreams haven’t changed and we want to transmit the same emotions, create the unexpected, and present jewellery that can transcend time and fashion."