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The most unforgettable moments in life are sealed with a diamond ring: from the marriage proposal to that special occasion that it represents an inestimable value. Because the diamond, with its eternal purity, symbolizes trust in a positive and bright future better than anything else, or even testifies to the stainless temper of certain relationships. Diamond rings are jewels to be given with the heart, despite being the product of a unique concreteness: they are in fact the expression of a long and prestigious goldsmith tradition, moreover they condense in a single stone the excellence of a workmanship rich in history, precision. and delicacy. Giulio Veronesi jewels are no exception and in the collection it is possible to find exclusive rings with diamonds of the most diverse shapes, from flower frames to the more classic navette or baguettes, always to emphasize the importance and value of a truly unparalleled jewel. And diamonds are perfect to complement other precious companions, be it colored stones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies, or very elegant and highly polished pearls. Because every finger needs the most suitable ring, based on the most personal tastes and style. Choose our rings: solitaire rings perfect as engagement rings, trilogy rings for an important occasion, elegant eternelle rings with their essential design but full of light. Are you looking for certified value diamond rings? Choose your favorite among our selection or contact us in case of diamond rings with private negotiation.

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